TAD Systems in the  news

July, 2016: TAD Introduces the Tactikinetophone at the Eurohaptics conference, London, Imperial College, UK

Microsoft Word - EUROHAPTICS-Poster.docx


Feb. 2016: Canadian dance artist Peggy Baker’s latest performance offers something to see and feel (Beach Mirror, article by Joanna Lavoie



(PRESS KIT 2015) 

NOVA: Sujata Gupta, Wed. July 9, 2014 talks about music for your skin and the Emoti-Chair

CBC Classical Music Blog calls the TAD Emoti-Chair  one of the top 5 innovations in classical music. December, 2013

London Free Press reports on Orchestra London’s deaf accessible Christmas Concert featuring 12 Emoti-Chairs. December, 2013


TAD debuted as one of the Emoti-Chairs in 2008 at Clinton’s Tavern Toronto, where the first ever concert accesible to deaf was held.



  • The Mark(November 2010) The Emoti-Chair nominated as one of Five Ingenious Canadian Inventions (Web)
  • CBC Radio 1 (November 2010) As it happens Interview with Frank Russo. (Radio)
  • The Globe and Mail (November 2010) The sound (and sight and feel) of music for the deaf. (Print)
  • Ryerson Today (May 2010) Fun, educational research on public display during Science Rendezvous. (Print)
  • Gadget Girlz (April 2010) Maria Karam featured on first episode of this science television show at the Sideshow Cafe. (Video)
  • Toronto Life Magazine (December 2009) Emoti-Chair voted No. 6 in Toronto Life’s 25 Ideas That Are Changing the World. (Print)
  • Ryerson News (June 2009) Sounds emotional Story by Dana Yates on Ryerson homepage featuring the SMART Lab’s program of research in music cognition. (Print)
  • Toronto Star (July 2008) Emoti-chair’ delivers good vibrations to deaf Front-page story by Debra Black describing the development of assistive technology for music. Reprint in various Sun Media outlets. (Print)